Grander Water Technology

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Johann Grander

Johann Grander is an inhabitant of the Tyrolean Alps who spent his life working at a petrol station. At the end of the 70's he decided to live in solitude in order to analyse water and to discover its hidden qualities.

His aim was to understand how water can positively influence other water without being influenced by external agents. With the technology he developed, the water is “vitalised” and acquires characteristics, which only a few other waters in nature have.

The term ‘water revitalisation’ has become a frequently quoted, often misunderstood and sometimes, unfortunately, a much abused phrase. But where does it really come from? It was Johann Grander himself who gave his method the name ‘wasserbelebung or ‘water revitalisation’, after he discovered changes in the behaviour of micro-organisms under the microscope, after he had treated water with his method.


The keystone of water revitalisation

Johann Grander succeeded in improving the water structure and so creating a new, healthy environment for the benign but essential micro-organisms that should always be present in healthy water. To recognise the ‘health police of the water’, it was necessary to work at very high magnification under the microscope. The micro-organisms in a single drop are many and various, and carry out important tasks with regard to the self-cleansing of the water. However, the basic requirement for this is a stable inner structure, which allows a conducive environment for all the necessary and useful micro-organisms.

With his method of water revitalisation, Johann Grander created stability and order in the inner structure of water, and so created the right conditions for the build-up of a natural ‘immune system’ in the water, by strengthening the natural flora with the aid of useful micro-organisms in much the same way that probiotics support the positive bacteria in the gut of humans.

While the term ‘water revitalisation’ is used today to describe the different methods of treating water, Johann Grander’s method is probably the only one which really deserves this name, because it is the only one which is able to literally revitalise the water and to change it in a lasting manner.