Grander Water Technology

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Hotels & Restaurants - Grander Water

Water revitalized with Grander has many desirable qualities we associate with pure spring water. The underlying structure of water becomes highly organized and dynamic when revitalized. This proper structure, which exists in pristine nature, improves water’s usefulness and benefit to health.

Grander water is retraced back to its inventor Johann Grander who discovered the positive healthy benefits of revitalized water, back in the seventies. Water revitalization restores water with its original qualities, rendering it resistant to external agents. This procedure consists of transmitting natural qualities of a higher value, meaning that nothing is neither added nor subtracted to the water. All is based on water circulation and minerals.

More value through revitalised GRANDER water

It is in the hotel and gastronomy industry that we see such a wide range of uses for the element water. As a result of this, there is a lot of feedback regarding the experiences with revitalised GRANDER from the guests, hotel owners and restaurant owners as well as chefs too.

With GRANDER® only the best of the guests

• GRANDER® water tastes good, is healthy and is easy to drink

• bathing and showering with revitalised water has a special feeling of wellness

• dishes develop stronger flavours; fruit and vegetables keep fresh longer

• coffee has more volume and tastes more intense

• revitalised swimming pool water feels softer; eyes don’t burn and the smell of chlorine is greatly reduced

• Ecological Advantages through GRANDER water revitalisation

• laundry and cleaning products can be reduced

• saves time through decreased need for maintenance

• optimisation of swimming pool chemicals

• increased system protection: devices and technical plants are less impacted, the need for maintenance decreases

• support of the natural circulation

GRANDER® offers value for hotel and restaurant owners

GRANDER® water makes it possible for businesses within the tourist industry to:

• find new ways to satisfy the needs of the guests

• improve their image through positive reactions from guests

• create customer loyalty through “a feeling of well-being”

• target new customer groups

• incorporate more attractive features in their business