Grander Water Technology

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Grander Water Revitalisation

The Core element of Grander Water Revitalisation is Water. The active medium is known as "Information Water" in the Grander Water Revitalisation Devices consist water with a high internal order made according to the special knowledge of Johann Grander. Such information water is capable of transferring information and vibrations to non-revitalised water without ever coming in contact with it. In this way water gain a very high, stable and biological quality.
Grander water revitalisation is based on the very high, stable and biological valuable quality for water in natural way. The areas of applications range from private household, to the hotels and catering industry including spa and wellness facilities, all the way to agriculture and commercial use as well as industrial implementation. The water revitalised by Grander Technology stands for enjoyment and well being as well as for significant savings and optimization potential in technical processes.

Key revitalized water properties are:
•    Enhanced shelf life
•    Enhanced solvent power
•    Enhanced microbiological properties

The Grander water Revitalisation creates a unique water quality for your well-being. Grander water revitalising devices work with natural energy that means without electricity and chemical additves and don't require any service or maintenance.

Grander water is recognizable through it’s:
•    Fine taste and increased urge to drink
•    Stay Fresh Longer
•    Noticeable Freshness, Intensive aroma and taste in food
•    Pleasant Bathing and Showering experience
•    Good Skin Tolerability
•    Improved plant growth and beautiful blossom abundance
•    Saving in laundry and cleaning detergents
•    Protect the heating systems
•    Preservation of the environment: Revitalised water return regenerated and energized back into the natural circulation.